Rest With Party Favor’s Latest Album To “RESET”

Layers, Party Favor‘s debut album, was released three years ago. Given the events of the last few years, it feels much longer. It’s refreshing, therefore, that Party Favor’s new album comes out and completely redefines the artist’s sound and expression with a totally new intensity and vision.

RESET feels purposefully chosen, as Party Favor has long been associated with the trap and party sound that launched his career. Given the popularity of some of his early tracks, such as “Bap U” and “Wiggle Wop,” as well as his artist name, it’s not surprise that fans have leaned that way. But, despite the epidemic, he has worked hard, producing THE ISOLATION ALBUM in 2020, a compilation of experimental and more toned-down tracks.

He’s now ready for a complete reset, and we can’t stop listening. “Save Me,” “Superhuman,” “I See You,” and “Losing My Mind,” previously released singles, were able to show a major but restricted aspect of the whole album experience. The entire product is nicely constructed and functions as a cohesive plot. Listen to the entire album down below!

Photo via @slvcker