REPORT: Woodstock Cancellation Looms As Ticket On-Sale Pushed Back Indefinitely

Woodstock’s 50th anniversary is set up to be absolutely legendary, with a stacked and diverse lineup. However, there’s also a fear setting in that this too-good-to-be-true event will flop.


First red flag: The Black Keys dropped out.

Second red flag: The official on sale has been pushed back to an undisclosed date.

According to Billboard, Booking agents were informed of the delay, which was set for April 22 — “There is currently a hold on the Woodstock 50 on-sale date.”

Founder Michael Lang is casting out all rumors of a potential cancellation, even though 100,000 hopeful attendees are anxiously awaiting an opportunity to purchase. He has shrugged off the reports with confidence in saying they are merely “just rumors.”

That slim reassurance is countered by an agent closely working with the production. The source says, “No one knows what the hell is going on but there is clearly a problem,”

The holdup could potentially mean there’s a problem with investors or site complications with the venue itself — both of which could ultimately lead to the demise of Woodstock 50 event.

As of now, the music festival is still on for August 16-18. There’s only a matter of months remaining to get this sorted out.

Fingers crossed.

Source: Billboard

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