REPORT: Snapchat In Talks with Big 3 To Bring Music to Platform

Snapchat is working to bring users a better music experience. According to a report, Snap Inc. is in talks with the big three — Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group — to license music catalogs for the popular app. This would give Snapchat users the ability to include songs in their posts, messages and stories.

Originally reported by The Wall Street Journal, the goal isn’t to make Snapchat a music streaming platform by any means. Instead, it’s to build more of a community through music and bring users another layer of the application. Pandora Premium users currently have this luxury of sharing music via Snapchat. Any song, artist, album or playlist available through the platform can also be shared over social media.

Variety has reached out to reps from Snap and the music companies. At the time of this writing, all parties declined to comment. Stay tuned for updates.

Sources: Variety, The Wall Street Journal