REPORT: Fans Believe There’s New Flume Coming Very Soon, Here’s Why


It’s been a little over a month and a half since Flume made his grand return with his Hi This Is Flume mixtape and following single, “Friends.” After announcing a show at Red Rocks for August, he went relatively quiet again, but not before he told fans that there was a lot more coming this year.


Well, fans believe the next new music is coming very soon, and their reasoning makes sense, at least in a purely circumstantial way. A thread on /r/Flume on Reddit suggests new music is coming June 21, the first day of summer.

If you look back at Hi This Is Flume, two things work in tandem: the mixtape was released on the first day of spring, March 20, and the final track is titled “Spring.” This has led fans to believe that Flume’s next release, whether it’s another whole mixtape, an EP, or even just a single, will come on the first day of summer, June 21.

Another user suggests that there’s speculation owing to the four squares at the top left of the Hi This Is Flume artwork, supposing they symbolize the seasons, or maybe the themes, of three following releases.

In an even stranger string of events, Flume recently posted a picture of himself on Instagram with some goats. He tagged one of the goats in his caption as @totesmgoats1. That account is set to private, but has its bio set as “Hay This Is Goat (Mixtape) out 6.21.19.” Then to make things even stranger, the account hosted an AMA on its Stories and said to “mark your calendar” for a new mixtape.

However, all of this remains speculative and circumstantial. We’ll know either way come June 21, or sooner even. Keep an eye out, and listen to Hi This Is Flume again below.

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