REPORT: Apple Locks In Patent For Foldable Smartphone Device

There’s a foldable smartphone craze happening right now — and Apple wants in on it. According to the company’s latest patent, the next iPhone generation will be flexible, similar to other leading devices of the kind. Companies including Chinese startup Royole, Samsung, and Huawei have helped pave the way for modern foldable smartphones. Of course, Apple needs to figure out a way to “one up” them all with the new design to keep up its reputation.

It sounds like Apple has just the ticket. A new report reveals a device that can be folded — not one, but two times. Flexible material, hinges, and glass-like overlays sound to be in line with the other foldable smartphones on the market. It’s not totally certain if this patent is for a phone or a tablet (or both). However, we can’t imagine the company sitting back while this smartphone trend happens. A folding iPad would be cool though. If Apple pulls this off, no doubt that tech lovers will be dying to get their hands on these folding devices.

As always, Apple is keeping this very much under wraps, at least for now. Stay tuned for more details.

Source: Tom’s Guide | Photo via Robby Fester