REPORT: Amazon Music Gains On Spotify & Apple Music, Grows 70% Within A Year

As far as music streaming goes, Spotify has the most paid subscribers at 100 million and Apple Music has a solid 60 million — but Amazon Music is gaining on them. According to a new report, the company’s music platform grew roughly 70 percent within the past year. In April, Amazon had accumulated more than 32 million subscribers with its music services, including Unlimited and Prime Music.

Amazon Music Unlimited was a little late to the party, but its home speaker system has seemingly given the company an edge on the competition. As more and more people have brought Amazon’s Echo into their households, more have incorporated streaming services, as well. Perhaps Amazon’s best quality is its price flexibility. Amazon Music Unlimited is available for $10 per month, but it also offers the service to Prime members for just $8 per month. Users who listen through the Echo can access music at just $4 per month. Finally, Alexa device owners can listen for free — as long as they don’t mind listening to ads.

It seems Amazon Music has become a third serious contender in the music streaming game. More here.

H/T: Engadget | Source: Financial Times