Release Of Skrillex’s Much-Anticipated “Quest For Fire” Album

Skrillex is definitely one of the greatest of all time and a first-ballot Hall of Famer in dance music. With that said, tonight marks a watershed moment in music history as Sonny Moore releases his highly awaited sophomore album, Quest For Fire. It’s Skrillex’s first full-length studio album in 9 years since Recess in 2014, and it shows an entirely different Skrillex than the 22-year-old dubstep sensation we knew back then.

With Quest For Fire, we’re treated to EDM in its purest form yet: approachable but cutting-edge experimental – musically diverse yet firmly entrenched in Skrillex’s signature sound. To see this person back in full form is a true gift to the world and the finest thing that has happened to this scene in a long time.

Skrillex – Quest For Fire