Reggie Becton Guides Us Through a Smooth Storm With “Raining In LA”

Maryland native and Los Angeles resident Reggie Becton dropped a new single titled “Rainin In LA.” The production is driven by smooth acoustics from the creative geniuses of Marco “Essentials” Tornillo and Aidan “Maestro” Carroll. Reggie delivers a mesmerizing ballad in which he reflects on experiencing love at first sight. Reggie had some words describing influences for the song; he pays homage to a fellow R&B artist and legend.

“It’s inspired by one of the most classic and famous lyrics in the world of R&B: ‘It never rains in Southern California,’ written by one of my favorite 90’s R&B songwriters, Raphael Saadiq,” Becton says about his inspiration for the single. “Most people, including myself, move to LA for the 24/7 sunshine but after living here for three years, I realized it does actually rain in southern California and quite a lot.”

On the track, Becton’s vocal prowess is similar to Saadiq and other 90s R&B artist. He combines this with sultry, modern production, and a single which capture the essence of reflection is born. It’s a journey from beginning to end in which he uses a rainy day to illustrate the love he felt for a woman.

“On the night Rainin in LA was written, I was about to wrap up a studio session around 4 am. I just remember looking out of the window, seeing it was still pouring down rain. Then I started thinking about this amazing girl I met at an art show the night before,” Becton stated on the curation of the single and what went through his mind.

However, similar to rain, it goes away. At the end of the song, he realizes that the love he felt for her cannot be kept and he has to move on. An interesting take on long distance relationships, as it was a metaphor to him having to take a three hour commute to even see her. In his words, “It would’ve lost its magic.”

Nonetheless, Reggie was able to encapsulate his relatable experience with “the one that got away.” Becton’s gift to curate a vocal pleasing experience for the ears by taking his pain and making a great song is always welcomed! In celebration of his 25th journey around the sun, “Rainin In LA” is a prelude to his highly anticipated forthcoming EP. It’s safe to say, with this single, he’s off to a great start.