Reasons Why Using A Toner Is Essential If You Want Glowing Skin

Have you ever wondered why your skin isn’t clear? What if the solution was as simple as a cosmetic product change? What if I told you the secret could be as simple as a toner? Yes, it’s that simple. Toners are known all over the world for their miraculous abilities, which include retaining moisture, soothing your skin, and providing it with a much-needed glow. Without the use of a toner, proper facial care is incomplete. While many people dismiss the importance of toners in maintaining healthy skin in general, there’s no denying that using one is essential if you want to have glowing skin. By incorporating one into your skincare routine on a regular basis, you will undoubtedly reap more benefits than someone who does not. Skin-like milk is undoubtedly one of them.

What Exactly Is A Skin Toner?

A toner is a fast-penetrating liquid that provides hydration to the skin while also assisting in the removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface. Toners are designed to address specific skincare issues, but they are all united by their ability to introduce and retain moisture in the skin. This results in soft, supple, and glowing skin.

It Adds An Extra Layer Of Protection

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Toners help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, reducing impurities and contaminants from penetrating the skin. It’s also worth noting that toners can protect your skin by removing chlorine and other unfavorable minerals found in tap water. In case you’re curious, here’s how chlorine affects the skin: Chlorine has a pH of 7 to 8, which causes our skin to become alkaline upon contact. This causes dryness, itching, and irritation, and it can aggravate eczema. Chlorine can also hasten premature aging by degrading the lipids and proteins found on your skin.

Acne Prevention

Toning thoroughly cleanses the skin and aids in the management of existing acne as well as the prevention of new breakouts. Some toners also contain ingredients like witch hazel or salicylic acid, which aid in the treatment of acne breakouts.

It Aids In The pH Balance

Toners aid in the pH balance of your skin. pH levels indicate the acidity level of the skin and are typically measured on a scale of 0 to 14. The skin can maintain a good barrier at the ideal pH (5.5), and together with natural oils, moisturizers, and bacteria, the skin functions as a true protective defense organ. The “acid mantle” refers to the collection of factors that contribute to the formation of this shield. Toners aid in achieving the optimal acidic state that allows your skin to thrive. A balanced pH level indicates that your skin is less susceptible to infections.



Photo: Sora Shimazaki | Pexels

Many toxins that have an impact on the overall health and appearance of the skin are derived from man-made chemicals. Toners work to remove environmental toxins from your skin, such as smoke, smog, and chemical residues. This improves the appearance of your skin, making it appear brighter and healthier, and the long-term benefits include less acne, less severe acne scarring, and fewer wrinkles.

Featured image: Sora Shimazaki | Pexels