REAPER Releases ‘Renegade’ EP with Thunderous Drum n’ Bass Cuts

REAPER is one of drum and bass’s it producers. His solo material, collaborations, and remixes have been making waves with a strong roster of big name support. From label bosses like Zeds Dead and 12th Planet to fresh peers like Whipped Cream and Blanke backing this enigmatic artist, there are a lot of reasons to add REAPER on your release radar. Today, he’s released his much anticipated, second EP on the Monstercat label. The Renegade EP was teased with the ominous single “HEATSEEKER” and the bombastic track “BARRICADE“. Both of these tracks bookend the EP while new tracks “HEADHUNTER” and “RAVEPUNK” are the new tracks with this release.

These cuts all come together with cohesive, yet aggressive delivery. The first tracks have a murky ambience about them, but build with frightening alarms and blaring synths. But these builds explode into all sorts of directions with a distinct drum & bass tinge like shrapnel off a flurry of freshly-tossed grenades. For example, “RAVEPUNK” and “HEATSEEKER” blend drumstep with classic drum and bass for punchy, satisfying drops. Meanwhile, tracks “BARRICADE” and “HEADHUNTER” stay more consistently from start to finish. But these tracks are vicious enough that they stand toe-to-toe with the other tracks.

For comparison, Renegade EP differs tremendously to REAPER’s Rapture EP from last year. The experimentations in drum & bass and halftime are catchier and freakier than his previous body of work, slightly improving on what makes REAPER ‘s sound pop off the way it does. It’s the kind of EP to plug into your stereo equipment and crank to 11 because the energetic sound demands that kind of attention. And to be honest, this new REAPER EP deserves it. If bass music is your bread and butter, take a listen to Renegade EP from REAPER. Check it out below and prepare to embrace a fistful of adrenaline.