Real or Fake? Malaa Arrested Mid-Set In San Diego

Malaa was arrested mid-set in San Diego last night — and fans are sounding off whether it was real or fake. With his bad boy appeal and Illegal mixtapes, this totally fits his image either way.

In the videos below, Malaa seems to be going about his usual business when cops come up from behind him, the music is cut off, and he’s forced off the stage. He’s rushed out of there before anyone really knows what happened. The arrest is captured from multiple angles, from the crowd and the most telling one from backstage. As fans on Twitter have pointed out, it looks like one of the cops is known for performing fake arrests. This is probably one of the most Malaa thing we have ever heard, which just screams publicity stunt. But at this point, we can’t be too sure either way.


Malaa Arrested At San Diego Show

Malaa just got arrested mid-set in San Diego!

— tori (@toristuht) March 24, 2019


— Cookie Rojas 🍪 (@Vjordan_58) March 24, 2019

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