R&B Music Review of Nova’s latest single Nova’s “Replay”

This is a R&B Music Review of Nova’s latest single. Nova’s “Replay” is as different as songs come. It successfully combines a steady drumbeat/synth over an acoustic guitar to make an explosive Afro hip hop. It’s a unique blend of island smoothness and slick metropolitan. This perfectly blended sound hits the ears like a salve: it cures all your pains. Nova is a Nigerian artist making music out of Toronto, Canada with DoozyBeatz. His rhyme is spoken with a rhythm that moves with the music. The lyrics clearly tell of the relationship that demands a replay of their sexual escapades. The song is rich in Nigerian flavor spiced up with drops of electro-house and tropical influences. “She told me run…a replay”, there’s no doubt what the song is promoting, and he does it with that suave, seductive beat in the background.

Play “Replay” along with many of Nova’s previous hits and you’ve got an evening of relaxation mixed with slow dancing and fun. Once again, he’s working with a team that can produce the kind of sound he specializes in, DoozyBeatz. This slow groove offers a steady beat you can move to when you’re bouncing

Nova/Novagotthatheat is an excellent example of what Nigeria gives today’s music. He’s a lyricist extraordinaire with a gifted ear for beats and layering sound. You can almost hear his childhood musical influences through the sounds he creates. There’s a combination of the familiar mixed imperceptibly with the new and forward-thinking. This umpteenth release by Nova just reminds us how talented he is and leaves us wanting more.


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