RAVENSCOON Drops the Beat with EP Trilogy: “Mind” Madness!

Following closely behind HEART, RAVENSCOON has now unveiled the subsequent crucial segment of his inaugural album, PERIPHERY, entitled MIND. The extensive 18-track masterpiece, PERIPHERY, distinctly divides into four thematic EPs: BODY, HEART, MIND, and SOUL, each resonating profoundly with RAVENSCOON’s diverse musical philosophy.

The MIND EP presents a potent blend of cerebral soundscapes and impeccable sonic detailing. Included in this release are compositions such as “Soundboy,” “Vantablack” in collaboration with Deadcrow, and the invigorating “ACID” produced alongside Emurse and featuring Can’t Stop Won’t Stop. Accompanying these tracks are cinematic visualizers, a product of RAVENSCOON’s collaboration with the esteemed cinematographer Magela Crosignani, enhancing the overall depth of this remarkable collection.

As the era of “PERIPHERY” unfolds, RAVENSCOON remains steadfast in expanding his musical horizons, captivating the loyal WAKAAN fan base, and forging connections with trap enthusiasts and ambient music aficionados.