Rapper Rapsody Enlists R&B Icon Erykah Badu for New Track “3:AM”

In her latest offering, Rapsody joins forces with the esteemed Erykah Badu on the track “3:AM,” presenting a raw and intimate portrayal. Badu’s velvety vocals intertwine seamlessly with Rapsody’s introspective spoken word verses, delving into the depths of unconditional love.

“3:AM” serves as a poignant exploration of Rapsody’s personal narrative. Her unassuming delivery melds effortlessly with the soulful composition, accentuating a compelling bassline that resonates with audiences.

Accompanying visuals feature Rapsody and Badu preparing for a live rendition of their groundbreaking collaboration. Interwoven with candid clips from Erykah Badu’s annual birthday celebration concert, the video captures the duo debuting “3:AM” onstage for the first time, captivating a live audience.

This track marks the third release from Rapsody’s eagerly-awaited album, “Please Don’t Cry,” slated for release on May 17th.