Ralph Lauren’s Earth Polo Shirt Is Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is trending more than ever, with multiple new brands bringing clothes to the table that were made organically or through recycled materials. Even fast fashion is shifting to conscious consumerism, as seen with H&M’s organic collection and Topshop’s shoe collection. Now, Ralph Lauren is getting in on the game with a collaboration with recycling company First Mile to launch a sustainable polo shirt.

The Earth Polo features the iconic Ralph Lauren polo shirt design, but each piece is made of around 12 plastic bottles and the dyeing process uses zero water. You can buy the polo in 4 classic colors: white, baby blue, newport navy and stuart green.

Polo Ralph Lauren, The Earth Polo in White, $89.50 at Ralph Lauren

You might not notice a difference in design between the Earth Polo and their classic offerings, but execs at the brand say that’s the point. “It’s no longer just something nice to do. Two years ago, we started looking into whether the consumer really cares about what’s good for the environment, but those questions have gone away. It’s so clear now that you need to be sensitive and do things that are good for the Earth,” said As David Lauren, chief innovation officer of the company.

The Earth Polo is available now online and in stores for $89.50, just in time for Earth Day on April 22. 

Polo Ralph Lauren, The Earth Polo in Stuart Green, $89.50 at Ralph Lauren