Raku Inoue Crafts Intricate Floral Portraits of Iconic Fashion Monograms

Utilizing flowers, leaves, twigs, and seeds, Canadian artist Raku Inoue is revered for his intricate portraits of everything from insects to animals, and now iconic fashion monograms and patterns. Born in Tokyo, Japan and based in Montreal, Raku is heavily influenced by nature and the diverse culture of both cities, incorporating elements of origami, painting, and graffiti into each of his work.

Experimenting with multimedia, Raku Inoue’s latest series, dubbed ‘Natura Patterns’, present an effort to expand on his creativity through mix of polymer clay, digital photography, photoshop, and an abundance of natural material. Showcasing a varied selection of nine signature motifs, including, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, and Versace, the series portrays immense delicacy, detail and craftsmanship.

Rearranging every petal, Natura Patterns represent Raku Inoue’s personal interpretation of each brand’s unique logo. Through positioning each element over a plain-coloured background, Raku intends to enhance the inherent beauty of every flower, leaf, colour, and form – without compromising visibility.