Raiser & Axelboy Blast Off The Summer Into Uncharted Territory

What happens when you merge two relatively unparalleled styles that seemingly intertwine in ways only our trusted ear canals can understand and make sense of? This. Raiser & Axelboy have just broken ceilings with their new collaboration entitled “Back Off” that explores musical territory rarely executed. By merging the harmonic yet cranial-blending styles of drum and bass alongside house and breaks, the duo themselves have made a remarkable etch into the halls of electronic history.


The tune starts with a timid, yet teasing approach that soon after ascends into a beautiful panic of impending dance floor eruption. Before long, the drums pour through like a volcanic explosion leaving listeners with no other choice but to lose their minds in absolute unison. Bliss.

Before long, just as fluidly as the drop exploded, the tempo begins to slow, leaving listeners in a hazy, yet energetic pace change that can only be neutralized by another oh-so familiar buildup, yet an entirely unique vibe. Wow.

Who IS Raiser you may ask?

Well, the short answer is I have absolutely no clue. All I know is, err… all everyone knows is, is that he/she/it can make a groundbreaking production. Stay tuned on both Raiser & Axelboy because this is only the beginning for these promising artists.

via youredm

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