Radio Free Universe’s Upcoming Album ‘Love’ is a Modulated Verse of Hybrid Tunes

Upcoming album ‘Love’ by Radio Free Universe promises musical all-inclusiveness in their dynamic sound of hybrid genres like rock, pop, funk, alternative, and more.

Radio Free Universe

Five-piece band Radio Free Universe has captured the essence of the compound sounds of pop, funk, rock, and alternative into an effortless scope of musical prospects. Their upcoming album ‘Love’ is immensely anticipated after the release of two singles from the same album, ‘Even Angels’ and ‘She’s High Again’. ‘Evan Angels’ is a lyrical saga of ideally placed rhythmic acoustic strums expressed through a stark vocal prowess. ‘She’s High Again’ is a heartfelt contemplation that takes the audience on a transcendental journey of their own realizations. Both the songs give audiences a quick peek into what to expect from ‘Love’ and have already garnered thousands of streams on Spotify marking the beginning of yet another creative and musical breakthrough.

The collaborative efforts of George Panagopoulos on vocals and guitar, Steve Pelletier on bass, Adam Neumann on guitar, Ashton Norman on drums, and Vincent Sciara have paved the way for the formulation of Radio Free Universe’s ubiquitous legacy. The album constitutes a hybrid approach to musical interpretation through the verticals of pop, rock, funk, and alternative. Written and produced by Mark McMaster and George Panagopoulos at Sanctuary Recording Studio, ‘Love’ will be released digitally on 27th March on all platforms with a streaming and distribution assistance of Jetpack Records and The Orchard respectively.

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