Radiate Love From Your Finger Tips With These 15 Gorgeous Valentine’s Nail Ideas

Valentine’s Day can be so hectic and it is easy to leave your nails to the last minute. From picking a perfect look for the day to planning a romantic date and getting the perfect gift, Valentine traditions can be a bit overwhelming that it’s easy to opt for a predictable red coat on your nails and call it a day.

Though a red polish is downright cool and timeless there’s so much much more you can do to add character to your manicure. Really, the options plenty! You can season your nails with glitters, artsy designs and lots of hearts in true Valentine’s spirit.

To take the stress away, we have curated some of the prettiest Valentines’s nail ideas we’ve spotted lately. Whether you are planning a romantic candle lit dinner or cozying up for a movie night, you can’t go wrong with these helplessly romantic Valentine nail designs. They are oh so 2020, and there is a design here for every style and personality.

Check out the coolest Valentine’s nail ideas you should try…

Dainty hearts

Colors of love

Fearless embellishments

Mix and match


Whimsical vibes

Photo Credit: Instagram