RAC X Goldroom’s Label Minerva Releases New 2-Track EP From Metsä

Out today on RAC X Goldroom’s label Minerva is a new two-track EP from Washington-born metsä. “metsä” in Finnish means “forest,” a fitting moniker for the artist’s lush melodies and cinematic intros. The new EP beings with “What You Want” featuring Saint Claire, a song that not only evokes its own emotions but is a tale itself of rebirth and saving something from the brink.

“I remember telling Saint Claire during a session, ‘You have no idea how close I was to scrapping this track’ and I am so glad I never hit delete. I’ll never forget the way he started to craft lyrics and vocals in front of my eyes and ears in his apartment. Having him write to what I was feeling while making this track made everything fall into place. ‘What You Want’ is a bookend of emotions, a start to an end.” – metsä

It’s followed by “Rain,” an Odesza-esque tune with powerful drums and loads of beautiful instrumentation. Listen to both tracks below!