R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet And W&W Collaborate On The DanceFloor Filler “Poison”

R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet, and W&W return with their second collaboration tune “Poison,” which is a guaranteed main stage banger. “Poison,” which combines a little bit of each artist’s different styles, is guaranteed to please festival audiences all around the world.

Timmy Trumpet appears to have composed the track’s start, which features softly developing synthesizers mixed over a pitched vocal. Before we get to the hefty drop, there’s a lovely little piano interlude. W&W’s synthesizers are obviously layered over portions of R3HAB’s psy-trance beat in the drop. On the second round, we get a replay of the verse, this time with a rhythmic synth march before another big drop.

Return to Tomorrowland and check out the video for R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet, and W&W’s new track “Poison.” Tomorrowland Music is now available.