R3HAB and GATTÜSO Cover Radiohead’s “Creep” For First Ever Spotify Mint Single

Dance music fans have always been able to count on Spotify’s mint playlist for all the hottest new tracks. Now Spotify has unveiled its first ever mint single enlisting Dutch superstar R3HAB and upcoming Israeli-born producer/DJ GATTÜSO for a unique and catchy cover of Radiohead’s 1992 classic “Creep.” Despite Thom Yorke’s endearing lyrics of sadness and loneliness, R3HAB and GATTÜSO manage to make the track into an exciting and upbeat dance floor bop. The lyrics may be melancholy, but who doesn’t love singing way off-key “What the hell am I doing here!!?”

The song opens with the female vocal almost completely isolated. Within five seconds it’s clear that this is a cover of Radiohead’s iconic breakthrough track. As the verse progresses, little production touches and synth notes to come in to set the mood. We get some nice R3HAB piano work during the chorus “But I’m a creep…I’m a weirdo!” before the drop which is trademark R3HAB beats and synths. It’s a modern dance track that still manages to capture the emotion of the source material.

Checkout Spotify’s inaugural mint single “Creep” by R3HAB & GATTÜSO out now on CYB3RPVNK.