Quorn and Chef Sam Leong’s Yuletide Feast Promises You a Merry Good Meal

It’s that time of year once again! Whether you’re spending the night out or nestling up at home, tis’ the season to be merry with all of your closest family and friends. From decorating your home and the Christmas tree, to wrapping gifts and planning parties – preparing for all the festivities may seem daunting… though it doesn’t have to be.

Marrying sustainability and Christmas tradition with a charming Singaporean twist, Quorn in conjunction with Michelin star restaurant founder, Chef Sam Leong have curated three simple yet enticingly celebratory recipes sure to WOW any crowd this season.

Established over 35 years ago, this meat-free brand originates from the United Kingdom and has since spread internationally, with presence in the United States, Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Thailand, the Philippines and as of 2017, Singapore too.

Standing at the forefront of the global meat-free movement, Quorn is not just healthier, it’s sustainable too! 100% free from genetically modified organisms (GMO) and other carcinogenic ingredients, Quorn is derived from a source known as Mycoprotein which as the name suggests, is not only high in protein and fibre but low in saturated fat and contains zero cholesterol. Mycoprotein is also not an additive and is a brilliant aid in promoting both resting and post-exercise muscle growth.

Discovered in Buckinghamshire, UK, Mycoprotein is also known as Fusarium Venenatum – a fungi which when fermented creates an authentic meat-like texture with unique and nutritious properties. Grown naturally, the use of Mycoprotein leaves a minimal environmental impact – requiring less water and land in comparison to rearing livestock. Quorn’s product carbon footprint is also at least 10 times lesser than that of beef and four times lower than chicken.

Featuring vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and certified Halal options, Quorn accommodates to almost every dietary need – making it a perfectly safe and considerably healthier meal alternative whilst serving a diverse group of guests.

Quorn and Chef Leong’s Yuletide Feast menu indicates portions for up to five people and can be altered in accordance to personal preference. The menu also features appetizers and main courses in the form of salad, soup and burgers.

The recipes are as follows:

Yuletide Harvest Salad


1 pack of cut Quorn sausages

½ cup of battered flour mixed with water

2 cups of thinly sliced Red and Green apples

¼ cup of sliced carrots

½ cup of pomegranate

1 tablespoon of sliced mint leaves

1 tablespoon of finely chopped ginger

Thai chili sauce


– Dip the cut Quorn sausages into the battered flour and fry in hot oil until brown. Set the sausages aside.

– Mix the remaining ingredients into a salad bowl and add Thai chili sauce. Mix the ingredients by tossing lightly.

– Serve the fried Quorn sausages separately or incorporate them as salad toppings.

*Optional: You may also consider including a cheese or potato basket for aesthetic purposes.

Pumpkin Navidad

Mousse Ingredients:

10g of fishless Quorn fingers

5 pieces of chopped water chestnuts

50g of chopped coriander stems

2 pieces of egg white

Soup Seasoning:

500ml of chicken consommé

250g of yellow pumpkin

½ a teaspoon of salt

3 teaspoons of vegetable oil

2 teaspoons of Hua Tiew Chiew Chinese wine

50g of coriander stems

A dash of corn starch solution


Steamed and uncut yellow pumpkin

Chopped chestnuts

Spring onion

Chopped crispy shallot

Mousse Preparation:

– Set aside the egg whites once they’ve foamed.

– Blend the fishless Quorn fingers till it’s a consistent paste. Mix the water chestnuts and coriander stem into the paste.

– Add the egg white foam into the paste and mix well. Scoop the paste into miniature balls and set aside.

– Peel the yellow pumpkin skin and remove its seeds. Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and steam for 20 minutes. Once it’s soft, immediately blend into a puree and set aside.

– Boil the chicken stock and carefully add oil, salt and Chinese wine. Taste periodically and season whenever necessary.

– Thicken the soup with the corn starch solution and add the yellow pumpkin puree and coriander stems.

– Pour the soup into the whole pumpkin and garnish with chestnuts, spring onion and crispy shallot.

Stack the Halls Burger


5 pieces of meat-free burgers

100g of shredded button mushrooms

100g of shredded shitake mushrooms

100g of hon-shimeiji mushrooms

10 pieces of poached white and green asparagus


320ml of water

75ml of maggi seasoning

70g of black pepper powder

600ml of tomato ketchup

70ml of HP sauce

100g of sugar

160g of unsalted butter


Crispy buns

White sesame seeds



– Boil all of the seasoning ingredients before storing in the fridge.

– Sauté the mushrooms with a bit of oil and salt before setting it aside.

– Pan-sear the meat-free burger with oil until it’s hot and add 5 tablespoons of home-made black pepper sauce. Toss well.

– Lay the meat-free burger on the plate, top it with assorted mushroom and asparagus.

– Garnish with the crispy bun, white sesame seed and micro-vegetables.

Quorn products are currently available online and in-stores via RedMart, Cold Storage, Market Place, Amazon Prime, Sheng Siong, as well as, all FairPrice Xtra outlets and selected FairPrice Finest supermarkets. With over 100 products available worldwide, some of the most popular include – mince, pieces, crispy nuggets, southern fried bites, Swedish style balls, burgers, sausage patties and vegan breaded fillets.