QUIX Taps LUCA LUSH, Yvng Jalapeño, Bishu, And More To Remix Illusions

Everyone knows a great EP needs a great remix compilation to go with it. It gives artists a chance to breathe new energy into a song. Quix‘s groundbreaking Illusions EP is the latest to get the remix treatment from artists like LUCA LUSH, Yvng Jalapeño, Bishu, Carbin, Kuur, and Watgood. Capturing the true essence of a good remix pack, these artists completely reenvision QUIX’s original tracks. Carbin turns the otherwise melodic “Giving Up” into an in your face bass explosion while Kuur lightens up “All I Have” into a gorgeous melodic bass tune. Check out the first volume of Quix’s Illusions remix pack below.

Quix – Illusions (Remixes, Vol. 1)