QUIX & Juelz’ “Chicane” Gets Explosive Set Of Remixes

QUIX and Juelz dropped their fiery collaboration “Chicane” back in August, and the official remixes just dropped yesterday that bring a whole new perspective to the track-worthy… track.

With six remixes from Kumarion, MSFT, CORTR, MashBit, GLD, and Capshun, the variety in bass styles is absolutely stunning. Kumarion comes in with an updated, almost neuro DnB style flair. MSFT comes in with the heavy riddim, supported by some melodic stabs. CORTR goes heavy in the space bass realm, with glistening synths and detuned arpeggios. GLD is one of two that somewhat sticks to the original trap stylings, but with a much heavier and fuller arrangement of synths and bass. The other trap remix being Capshun, who goes in a completely different direction with staccato stabs and heavier emphasis on that unique synth patch.

However, no disrespect to the others’ remixes which are wonderful in their own right, but MashBit absolutely snapped on his remix. Taking the original and just running with it, “Chicane” turns into a melodic future bass anthem, with an incredible guitar solo and breathtaking melodies. This one was built from the ground up with a vivacious style and appreciation, and it shows clearly.

“Both Juelz & I plus our team have spent the last two months getting some incredible remixes for Chicane! Ranging from your classic trap remixes to dnb flips, all remixes explore the endless potential emotions you could get from the original mix and more!” – QUIX

“This is actually the first time I’ve ever released official remixes of my music so I’m really gassed on how big these all turned out to be.” – Juelz

Check out all the remixes below!