Quirky Resort Wear Styles

After two years of slobbing on the couch throughout summer and longing for another “outdoor” experience, this resort 2022 season almost seems too precious to be messed with. We can all agree that it’s now time to shine after months of pinning looks on our mood boards and waiting for an occasion to slay. The resort style game in 2022 is furiously pushing past the standard maxis and straw hats to more wild and unusual moods.

Because life is too short for dull holiday clothing, imagine yourself in more party outfits and vintage-inspired accessories. This season’s unstated theme is “Dopamine Dressing,” a meeting point where comfort meets higher vibrations in an oh-so-boujie fashion moment. It’s time to imagine yourself dressed to the nines, sitting beautifully in a luxurious hotel with a rooftop pool, and living your best bucket list life.

Check Out These Quirky Resort Wear Styles That Are Delivering Vamped-Up Vacation Flair

Embellished Pieces


Sparkle is always ready to play, and now that being outdoors has been established following the sluggish at-home season, it’s time to be bold, large, and extra. That’s why embroidered numbers and accessories are so popular this summer.

Statement Vintage Jewelry

Accessories are the focal point of any outfit, and a daring approach is the style guideline for summer 2022. Thanks to the designers who ignited this trend for SS22, double stone rings and all things boujee like antique accessories are at the forefront.

Fancy Leggings


There is no resort look without premium leggings. When on vacation, it’s all about minimal effort and maximum output, which is exactly the impact that stylish see-through leggings combined with interesting footwear provide. Rich designs inspire the same kinds of badass attitude you need this season, but see-through leggings aren’t the only option.

Bodycon Fever


What good is a summer without a little hot chick sass? Bodycon dresses have made a comeback this vacation season in both micro and maxi lengths. It’s getting hot out here, and this wardrobe essential knows how to bring the heat.

Hole-Knit Style


Knitwear and summer resort style are the best of friends. It’s the continual changes they make to stay in one other’s lives. As a result, knitwear continues to grow into cooler variants that are ideal for the season, and the hole-knit variations are here to stay in 2022.

A Classic Neutral Look


What sophisticated includes is the elegance of a neutral-toned ensemble on a breezy summer evening. While the season is known for all things bright and lovely, style icons are opting for more basic looks. A bold-colored short dress underneath a neutral-toned blazer, for example, gives a delightfully simple variation.

Drawstring Signature

Wear a drawstring dress, joggers, or a purse to complete the on-trend holiday look. One thing that designers like Louis Vuitton agree on is the durability of comfort in the middle of lively fashion. That is precisely what drawstrings have come to signify.

Featured image: kefilwe_mabote | instagram