QUIET BISON Continues to Impress With Exhilarating “Nightfall” EP

Quiet Bison exploded on the scene after we premiered his first project back in November and the rising artist has been on our radar ever since. The Portland producer’s knack for weaving forward-thinking sound design into intricate melodies and rhythms is a feat to behold, and in a short amount of time he’s found himself on the cutting edge of a new wave of experimental yet accessible electronic music. The sky is truly the limit for the young producer, as he shares his third project in just the past year. Hear what Quiet Bison has to say about the EP himself below and stream Nightfall via Soundcloud.

“I got the idea for this EP when I was on a late night drive and felt that I needed music to keep me awake through the trip. I’m usually a night owl anyways, so a lot of this EP was written at night or just as the sun was rising while I was sleep deprived and a little out of it.” – QUIET BISON


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