Quarantine Looks For Men and Women to Style at Home

Photo via Instagram / @aimeesong

It’s everywhere from headlining tabloids to social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Twitter – celebrities and quarantined individuals alike, are sharing their routines, recipes and outfits in a multitude of videos and mini-do-it-yourself photoshoots.

Amongst the many purging boredom and sharing their creativity, is Elias Aragaw, from Dallas County, Texas, who shared what he calls a ‘Quarantine Showcase of outfits to rock at home’ during the global lockdown. The post which has since broke the Twitter-sphere and the Internet, has inspired this curated list of unisex stay-at-home styles, adaptable in every situation.

With all non-essential services and industries temporarily suspended, and numerous individuals working and schooling from home, the use of online forums, meetings and chat-rooms are at all time high – and while you’re lucky if you can avoid video conferences, these looks may come in handy, sooner than you think.

Formal Wear

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2020 collection

Dior x KAWS Summer 2019 Collection

Bottega Veneta RTW Fall 2020

Sometimes all that’s necessary to looking presentable is a clean button up shirt and tailored pants from Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2020 collection or one of the revered Bottega Veneta’s many flared pants and stretchy-tailored suits. Comfortable to live in and perfect for an impromptu video conference with a client, boss, or lecturer, each Bottega Veneta suiting option presents a perfect balance between ‘super-formal’ and cozy yet fashionable ‘streetwear’.

Lounge Wear

Louis Vuitton Two Piece. Photography Shawn Paul Tan, Fashion Direction Wilson Lim, Styling Kim Ye Jin, Photography assistant Melvin Leong & Mina Son, Styling assistant Sapphire Chin, Grooming Jung Bo Young, Hair Park Mi Hyoung, Production Jeannie Ang.

Prada Fall 2020 Collection

Prada Fall 2020 Collection

DiorxKAWS Summer 2019 Collection

Camped collars and tapered trousers are not only a pairing that will never go out of style but are extremely comfortable for a day lounging indoors, checking emails, catching up on television series’ and finishing assignments. Whether it’s a Louis Vuitton set or the top-to-toe cotton day pajamas by Prada, nothing beats feeling put together and completely at ease in the comfort of your own home.


Photography Joel Low, Styling Wilson Lim, Grooming Beno Lim using Boy de Chanel, Hair Manisa Tan using Revlon Professional.

While we’re all itching to go outside, planning a quick outfit to run errands, will forever remain the last thing we look forward to. Often leaving us overwhelmed in a hastened rush to get back home, we opt for the comfortable garment within reach despite many other superior alternatives. Depending on where you live and the climate you experience, a clean pair of joggers have long endured every renewed cycle of trends, proving to be most people’s go-to choice, thanks to the warmth, durability and flexibility it provides. Other effortlessly stylish alternatives include knit sweaters, plus bold and vibrant graphic shirts which add distinct colour and personality to overall look. If it’s cold outside, don’t take your favorite blanket with you – instead throw on a cashmere scarf from Bottega Veneta or the Canada Nr New scarf by Acne Studios, trust me it feels just as good.