Pyke & Muñoz Team Up With VVAVES, STENGAARD For Electro-Pop Smash “Even If It Hurts”

After years of working for numerous Top 10 artists, entering Germany’s Radio Top 10 three times in 2019 alone, the two multi-platinum-producers/-songwriters Patrick Pyke Salmy and Ricardo Muñoz, known together as Pyke & Muñoz, have garnered quite a bit of attention to this project of theirs. Together, they have a knack for creating invigorating electro pop styled tracks and are back with a brand new single that we are thrilled to premiere, titled “Even If It Hurts”. This time around, they have teamed up with Danish friend and first-class songwriter STENGAARD. Their precise electro-pop writing and production on “Even If It Hurts” is an infectious blend that forms a perfect foundation for VVAVES’ seductive vocals to rise to the top. You’ll find yourself hooked from start to finish, as all three artists fused their talents perfectly for an incredible result. The artists involved explain:

 “The song is about the hesitant first moments in a courtship; how self-doubt and insecurities can make moving forward and taking steps tricky, but deciding you wanna go for it anyway. It’s about trying to manifest confidence in doing stuff that makes you nervous, stuff that has been hard for you before; in this case: falling in love and letting someone in.“

“I wrote this song with Patrick, Ricardo and Thomas when I was in a really lost place, I remember staying up late night after night texting someone I wasn’t sure if I was ready to let into my life or not. I’m still not sure I made the right decision but it was good to reflect on the fact that I was nervous but I wanted to try it anyway, even if it hurts.”

“Even If It Hurts” will be available world-wide March 20th, but you can hear it exclusively here first! Listen below.