Protect Your Hair From Heat

Don’t let perming and dyeing damage your hair

Protect your hair from heat: No matter it is a man, a woman, an elderly person, or a teenager if a person wants to change his or her image, he or she always wants to “start with hair”, and perming and dyeing hair has become a daily routine. In the inherent impression of everyone, hair dyeing is the most harmful to hair and even has the risk of carcinogenesis. Perming hair is relatively safe. Is this really the case? I believe many people are just as curious as me, let’s talk about it below.

The harm of perming hair

Indeed, perming hair may be a great way to change your hairstyle, but perming hair can also seriously damage your hair. Perming hair involves applying chemicals or heat to the hair. Perming hair has the following hazards.

Harm 1: Scalp damage

Chemicals used during the perm may be applied rashly or accidentally on the scalp. This solution consists of a highly efficient ammonium thioglycolate chemical solution that may irritate some users and cause itching, redness, burning and peeling.

Harm 2: Hair damage

Due to the strength of the ammonium thioglycolate solution, perming hair changes the texture of many people’s hair. Ammonium thioglycolate can dry hair after perming, making it brittle and easier to break.

The harm of dyeing hair

You may experience irritation of the scalp and dry hair immediately after dyeing your hair. Frequent hair dyeing can make hair fragile. At the same time, experts do not approve the use of hair dyes on eyebrows or eyelashes, as this may cause serious eye damage. And many semi-permanent or permanent hair dyes also contain strong carcinogens.

Once in contact with the skin, the substances in the hair dye can cause irritation, including redness, itching, and burning, occasionally allergic reactions, and swelling of the face and neck, which can cause breathing difficulties. These toxic effects can occur immediately after contact with the skin or for up to a day.

From the perspective of the harm to the body from perming and dying, both of them have certain damage to the body, but from the point of damage, the process of dyeing with hair dye is more harmful to the body. So before we perm our hair, it is necessary to take certain measures to protect the hair.

Protective measures 1: Do not wash your hair before dyeing and perming hair

Do not wash your hair before perming and dyeing hair. During the process of dyeing hair, the scalp oil and other substances can isolate the hair dye to some extent.

Protective measure 2: Add vitamin E to hair

Give your hair deep conditioning before perming or dyeing it to ensure that the hair is resistant to bleach or dyes. Depending on how your hair is treated, determine the amount of vitamin E you need to add. If your hair is very porous, it is recommended to use direct vitamin E as an overnight mask on dry hair so that the hair will become more elastic.

Protective measure 3: Choose a regular hairdressing salon

Now that you have decided to dye your hair, choose a hairdressing salon with the appropriate qualifications and conditions so that they can control the degree of perm and hair dye according to your hair quality.

In any case, we must control the degree of perm and hair dye. Don’t let the wrong habits of perming and dyeing hair damage our hair quality and even threaten our health.

Many people now like to wear wigs, and wearing wigs is also very convenient. With a wig, you can change your hairstyle at will, avoiding the damage caused by perming, dyeing and pulling hair.