Professional Gambler Tactics That Boost Their Chances Of Winnings

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has transformed our lives in just about every way possible, with home working and schooling, and socialising via video calls, now the norm. Businesses have pivoted their offerings to cater for an increased demand in digital and online services while bricks-and-mortar establishments have been out of action, and all of us have had a little bit more time to think about what we want out of life. For some, that has meant spending lockdowns learning new skills in a bid to abandon the 9 to 5 and work independently, thus affording them more independence and the opportunity to enjoy time, location and financial freedom in the future – once Covid-related restrictions are a thing of the past.

Shining a spotlight on the precariousness of job security and the lack of work/life balance the majority of people get to enjoy, for most it has been an opportunity to seek new ways to generate multiple income streams – and as land-based casinos have moved online to continue catering to their customer base and sports betting has been at a standstill for large periods of time over the past year, many gamblers – both amateur and seasoned – have used the time to hone their skills.

Gamer play casino roulette at a table in a casino

Any type of gaming or betting that involves money carries some risk

While gambling has long been a favoured pastime of the rich and the famous, we’re seeing an increase in the number of people taking it more seriously – seeing beyond the entertainment factor alone and seeing it as a chance to generate an abundant new stream of income. There’s no denying that any type of gaming or betting that involves money carries some risk, and in games of chance, relying on luck alone isn’t enough to keep your fortune safe – something that this new generation of high-rollers are all too aware of.

Becoming a professional gambler isn’t easy; not only does it take hours on end of study and research, but also requires players to undergo a process of trial and error. The biggest and most consistent winners go beyond hoping for a lucky bet on the horses or a fortuitous spin on the roulette wheel and focus on strategy instead. While many don’t believe that it’s possible to influence the outcome of a game without breaking the rules, professional gamblers know better.

So, how do they do it? By learning a few clever tactics that will boost their chances of success. Here, we take a look at exactly what they are.

Dutching the score

Betting on sports

Players tend to share their stake to multiple choices to attempt to win money from every race

Betting on the correct score in popular sports like football is for many people, the preferred way to secure a win, and the odds are often high. But it’s also considered one of the hardest to master markets, due to the high volatility of possible results. Although most bettors tend to back a score arbitrarily, the sharpest amongst them have a secret weapon that helps them to increase their chances of a win. These betters are able to ditch the correct score market and therefore limit their risk. Those who are able to predict the correct score through ditching stand a far better chance of seeing success and often stand to make a solid profit out of it.

It might seem relatively easy for betters to predict the winner of a football match, particularly when looking at the past performance of the teams and players involved –  but in sports where there are various potential winners, such as in greyhound or horse races, it can become a little more complicated – so experienced players tend to share their stake to multiple choices to attempt to win money from every race. In the same manner, it’s possible to dutch the correct score by betting on more options than the 1-X-2 market. Normally, this would require some advanced knowledge of mathematics, but nowadays there are plenty of reliable tools that will enable players to share their total stakes on all possible outcomes.

Betting less than two per cent of a bankroll

Online gambling

Many players will waste no time in making some reasonable-sized bets from their first game

When it comes to casual gambling, which is usually just for entertainment purposes, many players will waste no time in making some reasonable-sized bets from their first game of roulette or blackjack – but this strategy can see many players quickly run out of cash. By risking a maximum of two per cent or less of your bankroll on any particular wager, you’ll effectively minimise your short-term risk – a system that can be applied to any casino game. Of course, there is a downside to this; the less you are prepared to risk, the smaller your wins are likely to be. Many of the most experienced gamblers will break their own rules if they’re feeling especially lucky on any given day, which is when you’ll see some of the most dramatic action taking place around the tables.

Value betting

Person in a night casino playing poker, gambling money with chips

Those who can consistently detect value bets are able to win more money than they lose

Value betting involves taking maximum value for the situations in which players have a long-term advantage, and is often seen in games such as poker and blackjack, as well as in sports betting. Each set of odds offered by a bookie comes with an implied probability, but it’s up to players to judge whether the odds are likely to be correct. Those who can consistently detect value bets are able to ultimately win much more money than they lose – so those betting on football, basketball, tennis and other sports games and matches can leave with full pockets, all from having a bit of fun.

The bottom line

Professional or not, gambling of any kind comes with a risk attached, but some are turning this to their advantage to turn their hobby into a generous stream of income. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it’s certainly entertaining to watch – and some of the world’s biggest pro players and gamers have been known to achieve some impressive results.