Prince Fox Revisits His Future Bass Roots With Lafayette Room 408 EP

Over the past year, Prince Fox has seamlessly shifted into the world of pop music with his flawless singles and All This Music, Vol. 1 mixtape. Switching lanes, Prince Fox has dropped off a shiny new three-track EP titled Lafayette Room 408. The project, which draws its title from his college dorm room, is filled with nostalgia as Prince Fox revisits his future bass roots. Cinematic and intricately produced, Lafayette Room 408 soars with labyrinthine melodies that twist and tangle into unique, mind-boggling future bass soundscapes. Prince Fox has truly shown off his production expertise and inherent skill with his latest EP. Stream Prince Fox’s Lafayette Room 408 EP below.

Amidst working on my next EP, I found a hard drive from my time at NYU and found a bunch of my old future bass projects/ideas. Completely overcome with nostalgia, I decided to take a couple of those ideas and go back to what started my career, and what introduced me to so many of you, and create this 3-track EP called Lafayette Room 408. Room 408 is the dorm room I lived in where Prince Fox was truly born into existence; but even more importantly, it represents a time before the labels, the contracts, and the deadlines, where I could just make what my heart and ears wanted to hear and feel. – Prince Fox

Prince Fox – Lafayette Room 408 EP