Prince Fox Drops Groovy New Single “Not The One”


Continuing to showcase his personal and artistic growth, pop-that-knocks producer Prince Fox has shared yet another stunning single. His latest single “Not The One” marks the beginning of a new era and his new project I Got You. Bursting with thumping basslines and shiny guitar melodies glide around his glistening vocals and catchy lyricism to craft an insanely groovy 80s synth-pop vibe. Stream Prince Fox’s luxurious new single “Not The One” below.

‘I got you’ is something we always said to each other in college. Whatever you need, I got you. Need me to help you move, need a couple bucks, need help getting over a girl? I got you. This is a message to my day one fans. To all the people who played my shit to their friends, who have been riding for me since day one, I won’t let you down. As an artist, this EP is me adulting. – Prince Fox

Prince Fox – Not The One | Stream

via Runthetrap

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