Pretence Delivers Dark, Edgy Soundscape with A Message, “Intentions” ft. Undertow [LISTEN]

Pretence has arrived and his new single “Intentions” featuring rapper Undertow demands attention. Driven by deep dub and grime influences, Australian producer Pretence works the track as Undertow sets the mood. It’s like a constant battle between the two, testing the waters to see just how savage they can go. The end result is dark in nature and impossible to take your ears off. But, there’s a solid, positive message engrained in the sound waves.

“Intentions is about any person in life working away at their goals and ticking them off day by day,” Pretence explains and sets objectives of his own. “My intention is to travel, make music and play shows all around the world.”

“Intentions” is a much different lane than Pretence’s typical electro-driven productions. It’s a chance for his following to hear something different, edgy as ever, but built from an experimental point-of-view. Listen here and link up with the artists below. If you want to take this an extra step — set your own “Intentions,” as the track urges us to do.

Pretence Ft. Undertow – Intentions