PREMIERE: WE ARE FURY Release Aggressively Euphoric Single “Heart Of Mine”

WE ARE FURY are here to show the creative potential that seeps out of their veins. The Canadian duo has been on a musical tear that has caught the attention of many and for good reason. Their music combines both aggressive and euphoric styles. The latest example of this is their new single “Heart Of Mine.” The track displays the musical definition of WE ARE FURY. Taking you on a wild ride, it simply embodies all that these two try to represent as musicians. Enlisting vocalist Kobra Paige, the artists aim to evoke both energy and emotion like no other. Stream “Heart Of Mine” out now on Lowly Palace.

“Heart of Mine” is our collaboration with Canadian Juno-nominated vocalist Kobra Paige who is the lead singer of Canadian rock band Kobra and the Lotus. The track is built around the theme of perseverance and remaining focused on your journey as a person. We incorporated a lot of heavier elements in this track to complement Kobra’s metal vocals but also wanted to keep a balance of slower more melodic sections to develop contrast.  – WE ARE FURY

WE ARE FURY – Heart Of Mine (feat. Kobra Paige)