[PREMIERE] TVBOO & sfam Give Their Hit “Dahshigo” The VIP Treatment

When TVBOO & sfam teamed up and created “Dahshigo” in 2018, the experimental bass world took notice. Both artists, of course, have long been heralded as secret weapons in sets for maximum crowd reaction, but their prowess reached peak heights when they combined their forces. Now, they’re teaming up again for a wild VIP treatment of the same track. Where the original has a quicker tempo and distinctly trap sound, the VIP is almost a tease by comparison, slowing things down and dragging out that final satisfaction in a drop. In fact, the first false drop is downright heinous.

“After a year of laying waste to crowds with the original, we reckoned it was time to re-amp this bad boy. Also I’ll use any excuse to sit down with the sfam boys. Every time we get together it’s a lot of fun and we flow very well together. Low key a little sad this is being released cuz it’s been that unreleased gem in every set since we made this.” – TVBOO

“We were so happy with the response from the original that we knew we had to make a VIP. We make songs with TVBOO all the time anyways so one day we decided to finally make it happen and boy are we happy we did.” – sfam

“Dahshigo VIP” is out now, check it out below!