PREMIERE: Swayló’s Official Video for “Desert Flower” Highlights All of his Cultural Influences

We’ve been a big proponent of Swayló ‘s music from the projects inception. His Reflections EP on Gravitas Recordings features a fusion of tribal and urban influences throughout each song. Now he’s been able to visualize these influences for his official video of “Desert Flower”. Starting off in the jungle and featuring fire dancers, you can clearly hear the tribal influences on the song. You can hear a clear switch up towards the end as the song switches tempo to a more club friendly beat.

He decided to release the single on 12/12 for a specific reason. It’s not only a full moon but 12/12 also represents the power of believing in oneself. This is the first piece of visual content Swayló has put out so there is fear and trepidation around it’s release. He shouldn’t have to be too afraid however, as there’s a little bit of everyone in this video.

Directed by Swayló

Filmed by Rodney Pinz

Edited by Swayló + Rodney Pinz