[PREMIERE] RetroVision Delivers a Stellar Remix of Timmy Trumpet’s “World At Our Feet”

Timmy Trumpet just dropped a tasty remix pack for his epic track “World At Our Feet.” Enlisting RetroVision and Danny Avila, we get two top notch tracks that take the original’s stellar vocals and wonderful melody, and re-imagine them in incredible new ways. The RetroVision remix is particularly strong; if you’re a fan of any of Martin Garrix’s collaborations with Brooks or Justin Mylo, this song is right up your alley.

The song opens with the kick drum beat and a brief synth note before the vocal hook gets mixed in, “With our minds wide open, we can see.” The first verse starts over a rising note, until some friendly snaps get thrown into set the vibe, whereas the original is layered over a psy-trance beat. As the chorus comes in so do some pianos, the buildup is perfect for a festival set with handclaps that are sure to get everyone’s hands in the air. The drop is superb, taking the melody of the original but giving it a future bounce flair, that just makes it that much more energetic. You truly want to jump as high as you can in the air.

The Danny Avila remix is a very club friendly track, as Danny turned it into more of a piano house tune. This remix also slaps as the Spanish DJ/Producer takes a psy-trance tune and turns it on its head, all while still retaining the character of the original. There’s also an extended version of the original song included in the remix pack as well. Make sure to check out the RetroVision and Danny Avila remixes of Timmy Trumpet’s “World at Our Feet.”

Photo via Rukes.com