[PREMIERE] Prince Fox Debuts New House Alias With Slapping Remix Of Fisher Hit “Losing It”

Fisher’s “Losing It” is ostensibly the biggest dance record of 2018. Everyone and their mother has remixed it or flipped it, but you haven’t heard one like Julien Tranq’s yet.

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room. You recognize the artist in the photo above, yes? Julien Tranq is the new house alias from Prince Fox, and it’s some seriously groovy shit. For his debut release, a remix of Fisher’s “Losing It,” he quickly establishes his sound and vibe in a way that’s original and fun.

It would be really easy to take too much of Fisher’s addictive original and use it for one’s own remix, but Julien takes a super fresh approach and is all the better for it. It has a wildly different energy while still paying homage to the original. As far as ways to launch a new alias, I can think of way worse examples.

Check out Julien Tranq’s new remix of “Losing It” by Fisher, and download it for free if you dig it. Follow @julientranq on all social media platforms to be notified when something new is on the way!

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