[Premiere] Ookay & LAXX Finally Drop Long Awaited Collab, “Pull Up The Drop”

Before Ookay started doing live shows, before Wow! Cool Album! was even conceived, the teamed up with LAXX for this absolutely banger of a trap anthem and now it’s finally seeing the light of day. After more than four years, “Pull Up The Drop” is out now via Thrive Music. For those of you unfamiliar with the title of the song, just wait for the Flintstones running sound and memories should come flooding back to you. Even at just 140 seconds long, the track has enough juice to make a huge impact and make you throw those trap arms. There’s even enough time for a bridge.

This release is sure to make a ton of longtime fans super happy, and also attract some new ones. Check out “Pull Up The Drop” from Ookay & LAXX below, out now on Thrive Music!