[PREMIERE] LEFTI & Dominic Marceux Drop New Remixes For “Behind Those Clothes” By Jaguar Dreams

Jaguar Dreams released their debut, self-titled EP late last year, and now they’re back with a series of new remixes for the tracks that are sure to breathe new life into the music. First up are two remixes of “Behind Those Clothes,” one from LEFTI and another from Dominic Marceux. Collectively, the two remixes put a more club, house-centric feel on the track. The tempo is pumped up, the energy is higher, and there’s more of a reason to get on the floor and let your feet do the talking.

“We have a ton of respect for both LEFTI and Dominic Marceux, and we are honored that they chose to remix our music,” said Jaguar Dreams of the remixes. “We feature lots of electronic elements in our songs, however, it’s amazing to see how these remixes will really allow our ideas to take on a new life in the dance world. We love both of these remixes so much because they both fall in line with the styles that we already listen to, and they remind us of the styles and influences that got us into dance music years ago.”

Listen to the two remixes below, and stay tuned for more coming soon!