PREMIERE: JACKNIFE Unveils His Demonic ‘Fear’

Debuting his newest single via his own label, Bladed Black, JACKNIFE beckons listeners into a cacophony of chaos in his “Fear.” A sinister offering laced with the best from the producer, “Fear” sees JACKNIFE at peak performance. Boasting an impressive combination of psychedelic bass and G-House flare, “Fear” aims to shock, and does just that. The stylistic blend seen from JACKNIFE comes from the producers inherent fear of only creating one style of music. Showcasing his expert ability to seamlessly blend genres, “Fear” is a heaven-sent track that welcomes into purgatory with open arms.

“When I made ‘Fear,’ I actually wanted to defy the fear of only making one style. Music is about creating a space to live in. While you’re at a JACKNIFE show, you’re in my world. Bladed Black is a scary planet. And sometimes, I want to scare the shit out of the crowd. Nothing makes your blood bump like a good scare. It’s ok to be scared though. It’s all in your head.” – JACKNIFE

Dive into JACKNIFE’s world below in the premiere of “Fear.”