[PREMIERE] Identical Twins MZG Drop “Anaphase” On New EP

Rarely do I see a concept project so fleshed out as MZG, short for “monozygotic,” made up of identical twins Zach and Charles Weinert. Their new EP called Cell Division is another clear example of a theme made real, especially when you consider the track titles therein are all named after actual phases of cell division.

Near to the end is “Anaphase,” the blistering retro/future trap tune representing the fourth out of five phases of cell division. Beginning with a series of claps and a basic melody, the lead synth grows in intensity until the drop when it’s all unleashed. The sort of LoFi drop makes for a very retro sounding atmosphere while the drums still keep it geared toward more modern tempos. The result is a strange amalgam of sounds, not unlike… anaphase cell division.

The full Cell Division EP can be found here — check it out!

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