PREMIERE: Hex Cougar Releases Sensational New Track “Evil Like Me”

Hex Cougar has quickly surpassed up-and-comer status and has already cemented himself as a staple in the melodic bass genre. His newest track “Evil Like Me” quite frankly may be his best track yet. Hex’s sensational bass sounds and driven guitar leads are the foundation upon which the vocals of SoCal indie-electronic band Armors stand tall. The track has been kicking around in Hex’s and others’ DJ sets for almost a year now. Originally an instrumental that he mashed up with Khalid’s “Love Lies,” his fans have been clamoring for the track ever since. It’s one of his most-requested and anticipated songs he has in his collection. Stream Hex Cougar’s brilliant new single “Evil Like Me” below.

Hex Cougar – Evil Like Me