[Premiere] Dwilly Drops Youthful, Childlike New Single “DUCK DUCK GOOSE”

Bar only a few select individuals, Dwilly is one of the most unique producers making music in the EDM realm right now. Embodying a dizzying combination of finesse and childlike wonderment, most of his productions succeed in getting you both shaking your booty and thinking about your 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Applebaum.

His new single “DUCK DUCK GOOSE” is perhaps the best representation of this amalgam yet, as he invited the Los Angeles Public School Children’s Choir to actually provide vocals on the tune. A combination of simple trap beats and a whimsical melody flesh out this tune to give it the depth it needs.

Cuz life is a chase / and we keep playing games / yeah that’s just what we do

Check it out below!