[PREMIERE] Dion Timmer Drops New Remix Of Madeon’s “All My Friends”

Madeon dropped one of the year’s best albums last month, blending gospel and soul with electronic elements in a way only he could. Now, the album’s lead single, “All My Friends,” gets an energized remix from the fresh prince of dubstep, Dion Timmer. Dion can take any source and concoct it into a dubstep banger worthy of repeat listens, but even “All My Friends” seemed a little outside his wheelhouse. That is, until I actually listened to it… any doubts were immediately pushed aside by the incredibly creative remix that he’s completed.

The opening vocals and melody are augmented with a bit of a breakbeat rhythm, giving it a poppier tone and a more dance-y feel. This is punctuated by the pre-drop rise, as it adds suspense and leads to the wild and heavy, melodic drop. Madeon’s original idea is torn asunder by bass and it sounds absolutely glorious.

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole track is the repeated re-introduction of the breaks elements, which give so much depth to the mix. You can check out the full remix below!

Photo via Rukes.com