[Premiere] Deorro Drops New Remix Of “World At Our Feet” by Timmy Trumpet

Timmy Trumpet had a hit on his hands with “World At Our Feet,” the psytrance/big room hybrid banger. Released only two months ago, it already has nearly 8 million plays on Spotify and arrived right in time for festival season. Now, Deorro has offered up a new remix to keep the momentum going.

“WAOF” is flipped into a pure Deorro hard bounce style that keeps the vibe of the original alive while giving it a bit more oomph and pizzazz. I’m aware those aren’t the most technical terms in the world, but when you listen to the remix, you’ll get what I mean immediately.

One of my favorite things about bounce is how naturally the rhythm syncs up with a person’s dancing speed, making it fun for anyone no matter your ability or coordination. With “World At Our Feet,” that infectious chant, and earworm melody, there’s no way this wouldn’t set a crowd off.

Check it out below now!