PREMIERE: Daktyl Returns With Two New Singles “Chaos Control” & “Ku Ring Gai”

Following a creative retreat to Patagonia, English indie-electronic producer Daktyl has returned with a pair of stunning singles “Chaos Control” and “Ku Ring Gai.” Together, Daktyl’s dual release showcases the depth and inherent skill of his artistic creativity. “Chaos Control” hinges on Lily Kershaw’s sultry vocals and Daktyl’s intricate, complex melodies, while “Ku Ring Gai” features Daktyl’s own vocals over a breezy downtempo beat. Filled with breathtaking songwriting and organic sounds, Daktyl’s new works are an impressive addition to his catalog. Stream Daktyl’s new singles “Chaos Control” and “Ku Ring Gai” below.

Daktyl – Chaos Control / Ku Ring Gai