[Premiere] Blvk Sheep – Coming Around Feat. Apollo Vega

Emo vocals on EDM tracks have become a new trend, and certainly one that I’m not mad about. With so many of Kayzo’s collaborations lately calling upon old screamo/emo vocalists, not to mention Illenium’s emotional music, there’s plenty to choose from. Today, I’m happy to premiere the new song “Coming Around” from Blvk Sheep featuring Apollo Vega.

Apollo Vega may not have the name recognition of Devin Oliver or Micah Martin, but his vocal performance here is definitely worthy of the echelon those two are put upon. Coupled with Blvk Sheep’s emo pop production, this is a crossover hit if there ever was one.

“Coming Around is a song we made with a pretty big risk and to combine the whole emo/pop-punk world with the electronic music isn’t really a big market but we tried our hardest to make this tune cater towards the people … we both hope you could feel what we felt while making this record, and its truly something I and Apollo relate to, and we hope you can too.” – Blvk Sheep

Check out “Coming Around” from Blvk Sheep feat. Apollo Vega below!