[PREMIERE] AMMO Drops New House Single With Will.I.Am Side Project, Sir Bloke, “I Like It Alot”


I rarely write about house music, especially in the realm of AMMO’s newest belter “I Like It Alot.” But when Will.I.Am is involved, you can bet my ears perk up a bit. If you’re confused as to what I’m even talking about and haven’t read the big, bold headline above, will.i.am has a new project called Sir Bloke that he’s debuting today on this new collab.


Fans of Fisher, Claude VonStroke, Solardo, Shiba San and the like are sure to vibe with this house tune. Full of attitude and an easy rhythm to simply fall into and let your hips sway, “I Like It Alot” is a surefire end-of-summer hit, perfect for letting your nights wind down or pushing them into full swing.

AMMO is one of the most in-demand pop producers, so it stands to reason that his debut outing in the electronic world would carry with it the weight of a name like will.i.am and the energy of all his work up to now. Check out “I Like It Alot” below, out now via Thrive Music/Absurd Noize.

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